How Porcelain Veneers Are Changing Lives

Porcelain Veneers

Having low confidence in the quality of your smile can hold you back in so many areas of your life. Turning down a date that you would love to go to or not being able to show your boss how friendly you are can cost you that promotion. Your chance at reaching your goals and desires should not be limited. Most people, and celebrities, have gaps, a chipped tooth or some imperfection. The most popular solution is porcelain veneers due to their ability to replicate your real tooth perfectly.

People who were once vibrant, outgoing and confident have described losing their teeth as suffering from a disease. A missing tooth causes your facial structure to look different, leaving people feeling unattractive and lacking confidence. The way you feel about yourself can change your entire personality.

Being In Control Of The Psychological Effects Of Your Appearance

As your self-image changes, you realise who you are, causing a dramatic behaviour change to happen. A self-help book by Maxwell Maltz, Psycho-Cybernetics, discusses his experience as a plastic surgeon and the psychological effects of his clients. He focuses on how we as human beings take action on our mental representation of things and not the reality of the thing itself.

Focusing on negative possibilities generates negative goal images causing our subconscious to drive towards it, meaning the opposite is true too. Maltz decided to help his patients worry about positive imagery instead of negative, giving them a positive goal focus.

He found that once success was found, his patients focused on it, and possible errors were forgotten. Our outer appearance is not what makes us successful or confident. It is our internal visualisation of ourselves that affects our opportunities and ability to reach goals.

Accessing Your Happiness Through Success

When you accomplish a goal you have set, your confidence and discipline compounds keep getting stronger, and you become the best version of yourself. Bad teeth are one of the most common reasons people feel self-conscious in their everyday lives. Getting porcelain veneers presents the opportunity to redesign and shape the structure of your mouth. It has changed the lives of many people who were lacking confidence due to discolouration, chips or missing teeth.

At Kennedy Dental Cosmetics, we offer a trial smile and preview of your finished smile so that you know exactly what to expect from your porcelain veneers. Our treatment is competitively priced, including a free consultation with a proposed treatment. You can save even more with our special offer to have eight veneers fitted for less than $7000.

If you want a bespoke flawless smile designed to fit your exact needs, call us now on 0293318114 or email to book your free consultation and embark on a journey to be your best self.

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