Reduction or roughening of tooth structure

In making preparation of teeth for the reception of porcelain veneers, it is necessary to slightly reduce or roughen the surface of the tooth to which the veneer(s) may be bonded. Teeth are not prepared into “points” or “spikes”. This preparation will be done as conservatively as possible; leaving as much natural tooth structure in place. During the veneer fabrication in the laboratory, purely for aesthetic reasons, temporary veneers are placed with a composite resin based material, which are not designed to stay in place for lengthy periods of time. If for any reason they happen to fall off, we will replace them as soon as possible.

Sensitivity of teeth

Even though there is usually no appreciable sensitivity, this type of treatment may cause teeth to become sensitive. Should sensitivity occur and persist for any length of time, please contact the clinic.

Chipping, breaking or loosening of the veneer

No matter how well done, this could occur, in most cases is very unlikely. Many factors may contribute to this happening such as: chewing of hard materials, changes in occlusal (biting) forces; traumatic blows to the mouth; break down of the bonding agents; and other such conditions over which the doctor has no control.
For patients who have suffer from a form of bruxism (habit of clenching, gnashing or grinding of teeth) which will be advised by Dr Irene Kennedy of two options to preserve longevity of veneers. Either a custom made splint needs to be worn or an injection of botox into the masseter muscle to reduce Bruxism. Please consult with Dr Irene Kennedy regarding these options; both of these options can be provided within the clinic.

Esthetics and appearance

Every effort possible will be made to match and coordinate both the form and shade of veneers which will be placed in order to be cosmetically pleasing to the patient. For this reason a try in of the permanent veneers is always conducted before cementing veneers into place.


It is impossible to place any specific time criteria on the length of time that veneers should last for. These time periods may vary from a very short time to a very long time depending upon many conditions existing from patient to patient, and/ or upon each patient’s individual habits or circumstances, which may be either internal, external or both. There is always a settling in period until you have fully adjusted to the veneers and a period where the veneers become your own teeth.
Excellent Oral Hygiene and maintenance plays a very important role when you have porcelain veneers fitted. We suggest you see a dental hygienist before veneer treatment and then regularly afterwards.

Maintenance after treatments?

We offer all our clients comprehensive at-home oral hygiene regimes and notifications for your periodic check-ups. We also provide follow-up cleanings for our patients with our high-tech Prophy-Jet air polishing system. The Prophy-Jet gently, yet thoroughly, removes stains and debris from your teeth, restoring their natural brilliance.

How can I pay for treatments?

Kennedy Dental Cosmetics accepts all major credit cards, and we also accept payment through Zip Money, a medical and dental credit provider. Zip Money offers payment plans for your treatment, with repayment schedules to suit most people. To find out more, please speak to our team.

Do we accept health funds?

Yes, we accept all health funds through Hicaps. Bring your health fund card to every appointment.

How do I apply for Zip Money?

Interest-free repayment plan for up to 12 months. Patients will need to come to us for a treatment plan and apply from home. The easiest way to apply is by downloading the Zip app.

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