About Kennedy Dental Cosmetics

Good cosmetic dentistry can absolutely transform your smile, giving you the white, even teeth that are the secret to an appealing appearance. We are a leading Sydney dentist that specialises in cosmetic dentistry, particularly custom porcelain dental veneers. If you’ve got uneven, discoloured or decayed teeth, our team can offer a range of cutting-edge techniques that can really make a difference. As well as custom porcelain veneers, we can provide full and partial cosmetic dentures and teeth straightening interventions. In addition, some patients like to complement their dental treatment with some dermal filler or wrinkle relaxing treatments we offer that help provide the finishing touches to your fresh new look.

Experienced, Oxford Street team

Our lead dentist, Dr Irene Kennedy, has had more than three decades of experience as a prosthetic dentist. With degrees obtained in London and Dublin, she has gone on to practice in Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. She is committed to offering dentistry that is as comfortable and stress-free as possible, giving every patient the opportunity to improve their looks with cutting-edge cosmetic treatment options. The practice has invested heavily in top-quality equipment that helps to provide the exceptional treatment results every patient deserves.

Book your initial appointment for a full consultation

Before we suggest a suitable treatment for your dental needs, we undertake a comprehensive initial consultation that provides the information needed to devise a suitable intervention to give you the outcomes you’re looking for. Even if your teeth are in poor condition or you have a history of failed interventions, we will usually be able to offer an appropriate solution to your dental issues. We try to keep our services competitively priced and offer a range of payment methods, enabling as many people as possible to benefit from our economical veneers and other treatment options.

Commitment and Philosophy

The staff at Kennedy Dental Cosmetics is committed to caring for our patients. From your initial consultation through to your final follow-up visit, our professional staff members treat each patient with dignity, respect and kindness.

Ensuring Your Peace Of Mind

We recognise that our treatments impact our patients’ appearance, confidence and well-being, so we take our work—and our patients’ satisfaction—seriously. We allocate time for your questions and concerns during every consultation, and we always include a follow-up visit after a procedure to ensure you’re pleased with your results.

Giving You The Highest Quality Products

Dr. Kennedy uses only the highest quality dental products from the United States, Australia, and Switzerland in all their treatments, so you can be assured that the products have been thoroughly tested and deemed safe and effective.

Protecting Your Health And Safety

Our practice adheres to the high standards set forth by the Dental Board of Australia for quality assurance, non-invasive practices, ethics, infection control and safety. We also use the best technology available, including a high-tech digital x-ray system. Ultimately, this means you enjoy the best possible care.