A dental crowns is a cap placed over the entire tooth

This is the difference to a dental veneer which only covers the visible side of the tooth.
A crown is used for a tooth that has lost a lot of tooth substance, has extensive filings or lost a previous restoration. The fact that the crown covers the whole tooth will give it strength and returning the tooth to its original shape, form and function.

There are various materials available to us to make crowns

  1. Porcelain:

    A crown made of porcelain is the most aesthetic and we almost always use it for the teeth that make up the smile and are visible. The colour of a crown can be matched to the teeth on either side , or be part of a whole new smile makeover.

    Due to the nature of porcelain , the dental technician can be creative , making a crown that has a natural translucency and shine with natural surface anatomy. How far you want to go in this process will be discussed with you all along and you as the patient will have the final say .

    A crown is cemented to a tooth and stays in place via frictional retention. This is the main clinical difference to a porcelain veneer which is glued into place and dental enamel is required to make the union of tooth and veneer successful.

  2. Gold:

    This is an almost ideal dental restorative material. However, its main disadvantage is its colour.

    There is a large range of dental gold alloys and the ones with a high gold content are well suited for the functional teeth at the back of the mouth as they have degree of malleability and don’t wear the opposing teeth. This can sound complex in a clinical context and we always discuss with you the various options regarding restorative materials.

  3. Zirconia:

    Zirconia is a metal and in recent years has become popular as a dental crown material. It is white in colour and has great strength and durability, which makes it a successful crown material for the right clinical situation. Although the material is opaque, it can be made into a translucent natural looking aesthetic crown

    Usually, the decision of the crown material is made with the most aesthetic outcome in mind and we always present you with all the options and recommendations.

A dental crown completely covers a tooth ..