Our Fees Guide

Service List Cost
Veneer consult Free
Porcelain Veneers (8 teeth) $6,999
Porcelain Veneer single tooth $1,400
Gold Veneer (per tooth) $1,500
Composite veneers (per tooth) $350
Tooth Contouring (per tooth) $100
Crown $1,500
Bridge (per tooth) $1,500
Bridge pontic $1,200
Porcelain Inlay $1,150
Zoom! Home Tooth Whitening $350
Zoom! In Surgery Tooth Whitening $750
Zoom! Refill Whitening gel kit $100
Set of full Dentures $3,200
Cobalt Chrome Denture $1,800-$3,000
General Consult $60
Xray (each) $45
Hygiene scale and polish $220
White fillings $130-$300
Root Canal Treatment $900-$1,600
Extraction (basic) $220
Extraction of Wisdom tooth $300-$450
IV sedation $550
Splint (per arch) $550
Ortho retainer (per arch) $550
Bonded Ortho retainer $350

For any other pricing enquiry please call or email us.

As a payment plan, we also offer  Zip Money

We accept all Dental Health Funds


Some of the treatments are referred to Dental Specialists:

  1. Complex wisdom tooth removal
  2. Implant treatment
  3. Complex root canal treatment