Filling A Gap In Your Smile

  • Do you have a missing tooth?
  • Have you been advised an Implant might be your only option?
  • Are you not compatible for Implant surgery?
  • Do you want your smile back?

There are many tooth replacement options out there which can be very confusing.

Dr. Irene wants to be able to give you another option than having to go through invasive treatment. Sometimes it might seem easier to do nothing at all and live with a gap in your mouth – especially if it’s towards the back where nobody sees it.
If you are missing a tooth, it is very important to your health and wellbeing that you get it replaced. Missing teeth affect your speech, how your smile looks and can cause a strain on your remaining teeth as your chewing action changes. Extra space can also encourage your remaining teeth to grow crookedly.

So if you or one of your loved ones are missing one or more teeth, the question is not “Should I replace it?” but “How should I replace it?”.

There are viable options to dental Implants, these include non-surgical options:

  • Fixed/Non-removable = Bridges
    • Anyone who is missing between one to three consecutive teeth is an ideal candidate for a dental bridge.
  • Removable option 
    • Dentures 2 types = 1.Acrylic or 2.Cobalt chrome (metal framed)

Filling a gap

Gapped Teeth