Partial dentures are a removable appliance to replace missing teeth

There are difference between them that relate to the material they are made of.

  1. Acrylic:

    These are the most cost effective ones and are usually used as a temporary denture , but can be worn for longer periods.

    An impression is taken and the denture is made in a dental laboratory to the dentist’s specification. The denture is held in place with clasps and this requires intact teeth to hold on.

    The reason we recommend this type of denture to be worn for a limited time is , that it puts stresses on the remaining teeth and it covers a large area of the palate of lower dental ridge , which can cause irritation

  2. Valplast dentures

    These dentures are made from a soft acrylic material and wrap around the gaps of the missing teeth and don’t require clasps.

    Valplast dentures are best used to close a small gap and it is not necessary to cover a large area of the mouth. Not every area of the mouth is suitable for a Valplast denture and we will assess and advise you if this is a suitable option for you.

  3. Metal frame dentures

    These dentures are made of a metal Cobalt/Chrome. It is used for its great biocompatibility and for its strength is thin sections.

    The Co/Ch denture is made of a one metal casting , which includes the clasps and the teeth are set on it in an pink coloured acrylic piece.

    It is the most comfortable of the dentures , one of the reasons being that the stresses on the retentive teeth are evenly distributed.

    If you have missing teeth , either you already have a partial denture of you want to fill the gaps, permanently or temporarily we will discuss all the options with you in greater detail and you can then decide what is best for you.