A Long And Trusted History With Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers have been in the mainstream of dentistry for many decades, providing you with flexibility and customizability to make your dream smile come true. It’s a great and cost-effective solution to your dental needs. Read more about porcelain veneers and how they will give you a lifetime filled with smiles.

A Porcelain Smile

Porcelain veneers are a great way to improve the appearance of your teeth with minimal effort on your side. The thin ceramic layer of enamel is easy to apply, while ensuring that it is moulded to your teeth in the best way possible. So while its focus is on making dental procedures as easy as possible, it doesn’t sacrifice anything with regard to quality. All porcelain veneers are custom made to fit your mouth and teeth. The ceramic layer is sculpted and shaped to fit the way you wish to smile. The porcelain layer is also coloured to give your teeth a whitened appearance. Should you choose to stand out, all you have to do is smile!

Smiling History 

Porcelain veneers have a long history, being in practice for 94 years. It has been tried and tested since 1928 when first developed by American dentist Charles Pincus. After the invention of etching in 1959 and further research to refine the innovation, today porcelain veneers are among the most trusted dental procedures. At Kennedy Dental Cosmetics, we use our experience and expertise to keep up this long tradition of dental excellence.

You will not have to look back on old photos or cherished memories, wishing that your teeth looked like a porcelain smile. Leave any form of disdain for your former pearly whites in the past. After your teeth undergo our procedure, you can smile with ease, knowing that every new photo and memory will be laced in porcelain glory.

With a free consultation on the initial visit, our dentists will suggest various treatments and options for you to take. The six-step process will ensure that your treatment is streamlined to get you smiling in no time!

For all your porcelain veneer needs, contact Kennedy Dental Cosmetics. You can email us at info@kennedydentalcosmetics.com.au, call us at 02 9331 8114 or fill in our convenient contact form.

Porcelain Veneers In Sydney: Are They The Right Choice For Me?

Our teeth play a massive role in our overall confidence. And discoloured, skew or missing teeth may cause us to experience self-esteem issues and an inclination to smile with our mouths closed. But there is a solution to getting near-perfect teeth, no matter what your current smile looks like, and that is porcelain veneers.

Here at Kennedy Cosmetic Dentistry, we specialise in porcelain veneers in Sydney, and we’ll use this article as a guide to help you determine if porcelain veneers are right for you.

A Natural Look Is Important To You

Although porcelain veneers offer you the opportunity to have shiny, white and straight teeth, there is still a very natural look about them and this is definitely a contributing factor to their popularity. The appearance of very natural-looking teeth is achieved by using cutting edge technology that creates a custom set of teeth for your mouth.

Your Current Smile Causes You Self-Esteem issues

If you only have one or two issues with your current smile then porcelain veneers may be a bit of a dramatic step. But if your current smile causes you to want to keep your mouth closed, then porcelain veneers could offer you the confidence that you have been looking for!

You’re Looking For A Long-Term Solution

Porcelain veneers offer you a long-term solution that should last you for many years to come! They are known to be stain-resistant, chip-resistant and extremely durable overall.


Gums tolerate porcelain very well and you should find that porcelain veneers are very comfortable, even after long periods of use.

How Does It Work?

When investing in porcelain veneers in Sydney, you’ll follow these basic steps to your perfect smile:

  • Initial consultation
  • Full dental assessment
  • Smile preview
  • Tooth preparation
  • Veneer fitting
  • Review and final adjustments

Are you looking for a dentist that specialises in porcelain veneers in Sydney? Kennedy Dental Cosmetics is the ideal choice for you! We have many years of experience behind us and have a true passion for changing our clients’ lives through porcelain veneers. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment!

Veneers: The Confident Smiling Solution

Smiling is known as a sign of happiness and good intentions. When you reciprocate someone’s smile, there is an instant connection between you and that person. Not feeling happy with the very teeth in your mouth can reflect in how you interact with others on a day-to-day basis. Now, with veneers, you can smile and pursue the best version of yourself, all at the same time. Here are three reasons you should consider veneers from Sydney cosmetic dentistry.

Smiling Through Every Season 

There is no doubt that there will be days when we are not in the greatest of moods. During these times, it can be difficult to put your best foot forward when it comes to professional or everyday interactions with others. However, putting your best teeth forward is an easy solution to showing up and letting the people around you know that you have yourself together. Even when it is difficult to smile, we can assure you a dazzling grin that does most of the work for you. A handcrafted and personalised veneer smile can help you cope better with the pressures from the people around you, letting them know that you look calm and positive, even when you don’t feel it.

Smiling Through Every Occasion 

When going to business meetings, weddings, or even going out for a night on the town to explore Sydney’s nightlife, one thing is for certain: Your appearance matters. The energy you give off to the people around is plastered all over your face. If you cannot bring yourself to show your teeth, especially if you are self-conscious of your teeth’s shape, colour or size, then you cannot give out the positive energy to welcome others. Being self-conscious of your teeth can leave you tense and stressed during social interactions. Veneers will add to your self-confidence, making you feel comfortable no matter the setting.

Smiling Through The Span of Time 

No matter how old you are, it is obvious that a winning smile in every phase of life creates feelings of calm, confidence and increased self-esteem. Therefore, from as young as your late teens, veneers can only benefit you. Your dentist will evaluate your mouth and teeth to determine the right time to start the veneer process.

Are you in Sydney and ready to embrace veneers? Check out Kennedy Dental Cosmetics porcelain veneers special, or contact us to book your appointment.

FAQ: Composite Veneers – All Your Questions Answered


If you are thinking of having composite veneers applied to your teeth, you will be sure to have many questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about composite veneers.

What Are Composite Veneers?

A composite resin is applied directly onto teeth that are irregular, worn, discoloured or damaged.  It then hardens and is polished to improve their shape, colour and appearance. Thereby improving the overall look of teeth and smile.

Am I A Good Candidate For Composite Veneers?

If you have relatively minor cosmetic imperfections, teeth that are stained, discoloured or irregular, plenty of tooth enamel and overall good oral health, then you are the ideal candidate for composite veneers. Your cosmetic dentist will assess your teeth and give you the most appropriate advice.

Composite veneers will leave you with healthy looking, straight, regular pearly white teeth.

What Are They Made Of?

These dental cements are made of organic polymer resins that have been developed to closely replicate the natural, translucent appearance of teeth.

Do Composite Veneers Pose Any Health Risks?

No, great care has been taken in developing these products.  While they are still a relatively new product, they have been thoroughly tested. They are safe and have been used on millions of people to improve the appearance of their teeth and keep their mouths healthy.

Do Composite Veneers Make Your Teeth Bigger?

Well-planned composite veneer application will not make your teeth look bigger. They are used to correct cosmetic imperfections and are applied in a sheer layer. The exception to this would be where the tooth needs to be made larger to improve its natural look in your mouth.

Are Composite Veneers Good Value For Money?

Yes, composite veneers are one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the overall appearance of your smile. Costs will vary according to your requirements. By following the simple care and maintenance instructions you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this procedure for many years to come. Do remember that this would be considered cosmetic dentistry and may not be covered by your medical or dental insurance.

For a free first consultation, contact Kennedy Dental Cosmetics today. We will give you excellent advice and answer any further questions on composite veneers and our full range of cosmetic dental services.

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Are You A Good Candidate For Porcelain Veneers In Sydney?


Ready to improve your smile and look into cosmetic dentistry? Porcelain veneers in Sydney might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Before jumping into the first procedure you find it’s always a good idea to do some research into what will work best for you. To help you along, this blog post will look at what porcelain veneers are and whether they will suit your teeth.

What Are Porcelain Dental Veneers?

Porcelain dental veneers are hard protective outer cases made from porcelain that are attached to the front of your teeth. These veneers are custom made to match the colour of your teeth and are a great permanent solution to improving your smile and confidence.

Dental veneers are the perfect solution for you if you have the following dental challenges:

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Gaps
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Stains and discolouration

What Makes You A Candidate For Porcelain Veneers?

Anyone with good overall dental health can easily receive dental veneers. Unfortunately, dental veneers cannot be placed over unhealthy teeth or gums. Therefore, if you have cavities, gingivitis, or broken teeth, you won’t be considered a good candidate. These will need to be corrected before getting veneers.

Secondly, dental porcelain veneers need sufficient tooth enamel in order to make a quality seal on the tooth. Teeth with a low amount of enamel may not be seen as a candidate.

Lastly, good oral hygiene is imperative to maintain your dental veneers. Dental veneers need additional oral health maintenance, so your commitment needs to be twice daily with brushing and flossing. Without this, your veneers could cause further oral health problems.

Oral Health Issues To Resolve Before Getting Recieving Dental Veneers

There are some oral health issues that will need to be resolved before you can start your dental veneer makeover journey.

  • Bruxism – This condition is caused by the grinding of teeth and can remove the enamel. As mentioned before, your enamel is vital to secure your porcelain veneers. Your dentist can supply you with a customised orthodontic device that will prevent the grinding of teeth during sleep.
  • Inflamed Gums – Pink, swollen gums or gums that bleed during brushing indicate an infection called gingivitis. If untreated, it can lead to tooth decay or even tooth loss. Learn proper brushing techniques from your dental hygienist and treat the gingivitis before getting dental veneers.
  • Tooth Decay – Decay causes holes in the tooth enamel. These cavities have to be filled before you consider getting dental veneers. However, the tooth must still have enough original enamel after a filling to facilitate the adherence of the porcelain veneer.

Are you our next candidate for porcelain veneers in Sydney? We are looking forward to giving you the best smile of your life! Create a clean, natural smile by booking an appointment today!

Make Your Porcelain Veneers Last By Taking These Four Simple Steps


Most patients recently opt for porcelain veneers because they are aesthetically pleasing and last the longest. They may cost more than other options, but most don’t mind paying for them because they can last up to 15 years. Their competitor, composite veneers, are a bit cheaper but only last up to 7 years. The higher price is thus for a good reason.

These Four Simple Steps Can Help Increase The Longevity Of Your Veneers

Although porcelain is a material that is long-lasting, you still need to take steps to ensure they don’t change colour or become damaged. The steps are easy to follow and don’t require any special or costly equipment.

1-  Brush, Floss, And Rinse Properly, Daily

Veneers don’t decay, but your teeth can still become damaged if not cleaned properly. If your teeth do decay, they can change the colour shading of your veneers. It is important to brush, rinse and floss your teeth regularly to prevent discolouration and the development of gum disease. It is essential to be gentle as flossing wrong can cause veneers to chip.

2- Make Sure To Use The Correct Toothbrush And Toothpaste 

Dentists recommend using a toothbrush with ultra-soft bristles because stiff ones may scratch the surface of your veneers. Some toothpaste brands use ingredients that cause damage to the surface of your teeth and veneer shells. Avoid toothpaste with ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and sodium bicarbonate.

3- Avoid Alcohol, Tobacco And Watch Your Eating Habits

Overconsumption of alcohol can cause damage to the bonding veneer composites that hold the veneers in place. Porcelain veneers are stain-resistant, but tobacco has a risk of causing discolouration to your teeth, which in turn can change the colour of your veneers. With regards to food, avoid biting into hard food items or opening anything with your teeth. Porcelain does not quickly deteriorate, but overconsumption of foods with high acids or lots of food colouring can still cause damage. It is best to be cautious about what you eat and drink to make sure they last long.

4- Do Regular Checkups With Your Dentist

Regular dental visits ensure that your porcelain veneers and your overall oral health stay in good condition. Those suffering from bruxism (involuntary jaw clenching) and who play contact sports should ask their dentist about getting a mouthguard as constant pressure and impact can cause damage.

Kennedy Dental Cosmetics Offer High-Grade Porcelain Veneers In Australia

Kennedy dental cosmetics offer all types of treatment to help brighten and fix your smile. Make sure to contact them at 02 9331 8114 to make an appointment for porcelain veneers or to talk to an expert about your options.

Veneers: Why More People Are Opting For Porcelain Veneers In Sydney

Veneers are currently a frontrunner for dental cosmetic procedures due to their natural look and quick process. People opt for Porcelain veneers over Composite because it looks the most realistic in colour and general appearance. Here are the three main reasons why Porcelain is the way to go.

Porcelain Veneers Look And Feel Natural

Porcelain Veneers have two qualities that allow them to have a natural look: Colour versatility and a realistic tooth-like feel thanks to its glass texture. It comes in many shades of white and is adjusted to match your tooth enamel. Porcelain brightness can also go up to BL1, which is not possible with Composite Veneers.

Porcelain Veneers Can Fix Small Cosmetic Issues

Misshapen Teeth– Some people struggle with teeth that are small or oddly shaped compared to the rest. There are many reasons for misaligned teeth, such as retained baby teeth or small roots. Dentists can quickly fix most of these issues with Porcelain because it is a thin material. It is much easier to shape than Composite Veneers.

Worn Teeth or Tooth Trauma- Our teeth go through stress daily and quickly get worn or even fractured. Porcelain Veneers are built on your teeth to cover any chip, cracks and gum recession naturally.

Stained or Eroded Teeth– Teeth do start wearing down due to acids in the mouth from food or even acid reflux. Some liquids easily stain teeth, such as coffee, tea and wine. Porcelain can cover up these flaws with a natural colour that match your teeth. They are also stain-resistant, thanks to their glass-like texture.

Smile Gaps– Recently, the most highly recommended procedure for closing gaps between teeth is Porcelain Veneers. People have been opting for Veneers over an orthodontics procedure because it is a much shorter procedure.

Getting Porcelain Veneers Is A Minimally Invasive Procedure With Long-Lasting Results

Many tooth restoration options require the dentist to remove a lot of tooth enamel to make space for, for example, a dental crown. Porcelain is a thin material that requires minimal tooth shaping and enamel removal, making it a non-invasive procedure. Some patients don’t require anaesthesia during the process.


At Kennedy Dental Cosmetics, getting your Veneers fitted and inserted only takes two visits. After the two visits, your veneers can last up to 15 years if taken care of properly, so the next time we see you will only be for a check-up if needed. If you are in Sydney and interested in Porcelain Veneers, contact Kennedy Dental Cosmetics today at 0293318114 to book an appointment.

How Porcelain Veneers Are Changing Lives

Having low confidence in the quality of your smile can hold you back in so many areas of your life. Turning down a date that you would love to go to or not being able to show your boss how friendly you are can cost you that promotion. Your chance at reaching your goals and desires should not be limited. Most people, and celebrities, have gaps, a chipped tooth or some imperfection. The most popular solution is porcelain veneers due to their ability to replicate your real tooth perfectly.

People who were once vibrant, outgoing and confident have described losing their teeth as suffering from a disease. A missing tooth causes your facial structure to look different, leaving people feeling unattractive and lacking confidence. The way you feel about yourself can change your entire personality.

Being In Control Of The Psychological Effects Of Your Appearance

As your self-image changes, you realise who you are, causing a dramatic behaviour change to happen. A self-help book by Maxwell Maltz, Psycho-Cybernetics, discusses his experience as a plastic surgeon and the psychological effects of his clients. He focuses on how we as human beings take action on our mental representation of things and not the reality of the thing itself.

Focusing on negative possibilities generates negative goal images causing our subconscious to drive towards it, meaning the opposite is true too. Maltz decided to help his patients worry about positive imagery instead of negative, giving them a positive goal focus.

He found that once success was found, his patients focused on it, and possible errors were forgotten. Our outer appearance is not what makes us successful or confident. It is our internal visualisation of ourselves that affects our opportunities and ability to reach goals.

Accessing Your Happiness Through Success

When you accomplish a goal you have set, your confidence and discipline compounds keep getting stronger, and you become the best version of yourself. Bad teeth are one of the most common reasons people feel self-conscious in their everyday lives. Getting porcelain veneers presents the opportunity to redesign and shape the structure of your mouth. It has changed the lives of many people who were lacking confidence due to discolouration, chips or missing teeth.

At Kennedy Dental Cosmetics, we offer a trial smile and preview of your finished smile so that you know exactly what to expect from your porcelain veneers. Our treatment is competitively priced, including a free consultation with a proposed treatment. You can save even more with our special offer to have eight veneers fitted for less than $7000.

If you want a bespoke flawless smile designed to fit your exact needs, call us now on 0293318114 or email info@kennedydentalcosmetics.com.au to book your free consultation and embark on a journey to be your best self.

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Dental Veneers: What You Need To Know

Dentistry has come a long way over the years, and today there are multitudes of options available in terms of corrective treatments and aesthetic improvements. Dental veneers teeth in Sydney have been popular among the wealthy and famous for the last four decades and, fortunately, have become a lot more accessible and affordable over time. While, in the past, you would have had to choose between getting crowns or other alternatives to create the perfect smile, today, dental veneers are a quick and highly durable solution to transform your appearance and give you a boost of confidence.

If you’ve heard about this procedure but aren’t sure what it involves, read on as we cover some of the main things you need to know.

It’s Minimally Invasive

While other dental restoration procedures require more drilling and work that impacts your teeth, getting veneers are significantly less invasive. The dentist will only need to remove about half a millimetre of enamel from your tooth’s front surface in order to apply cement that will bond the veneer to your natural teeth. You will experience some sensitivity for the first week after the procedure, but it should pass quickly.

It Strengthens Your Teeth

Although most people get veneers with the goal of having a better smile, veneers are also a great way to reinforce the structure of your own teeth. They also offer great help for people who suffer from low enamel, who may have chronic conditions such as acid reflux or tend to drink and eat highly acidic foods.

It Permanently Gives You White Teeth

Many people visit dentists periodically to have their teeth whitened, and while this is an effective procedure, it isn’t permanent. The foods you eat, tea, coffee, smoking, all contribute to discolouration, and eventually, your teeth will stop looking sparkly white. Veneers, however, are solid and not as permeable as natural teeth, making them very resistant to discolouration, even if you indulge in all the things that typically cause teeth to turn yellow and become dull.  

While most patients are successful candidates for dental veneers, there are some instances where the procedure may not be suited to you. Lack of sufficient dental enamel, dental decay that has progressed too far, or other gum diseases can cause you not to be a good fit for veneers, as your teeth need to be in reasonably good condition. Consult with our dental specialists for an assessment to find out if this solution will work for you today!

What Are Composite Veneers And Who Can Get Them?


We all want pearly white teeth, right? If you have cracked, crooked, yellowed or even gapped teeth, composite veneers are a great way to get celebrity-quality white teeth. But, before we go any further, what are composite veneers?

What Are Composite Veneers?

Using a thin layer of composite material, these veneers are bonded to the front of your teeth to give you a flawless smile. Typically, this cosmetic correction treatment is used to restore teeth to a natural look by changing the shape and colour of teeth with the resin material.

Composite veneers vary depending on your dental desires, and your dentist will match your desire goal with the veneers closest to your natural tooth, or they’ll use whiter veneers should you wish for a whiter and brighter smile.

Who Can Get Veneers?

People with self-esteem issues who feel they have imperfect teeth or are generally unhappy with their smile are the best candidates for this procedure. When consulting with your dentist, it is important that you’re clear with the reasons for getting composite veneers. They will take you through your hopes with these veneers and create a treatment plan suited to your needs.

The need for your honesty is so that your dentist can assess whether your natural teeth will require restoration prior to getting the composite veneers. The restoration may include orthodontic work, dental implants, and correcting dental decay, among others. This is also to avoid any issues during the composite veneers procedure and prevent any oral health issues.

What Are The Benefits of Veneers?

The most apparent benefit of composite veneers is to get the natural look of your teeth. These veneers are designed to repair chipped teeth and restore the colour of your teeth. Perhaps you have gapped teeth. Composite veneers can narrow the gap, so it looks smaller.

Additionally, the amazing thing about composite veneers is that they are durable and can last up to 7 years with good care and maintenance.

Is There A Difference Between Porcelain And Composite Veneers?

It is important to take note of the differences between porcelain and composite veneers before making your appointment (although a consultation with your dentist will also help cover all your bases).

Here are a few key differences:

  • Composite veneers are less expensive than porcelain veneers in eastern suburbs
  • When getting composite veneers, usually a single dental visit is all it will take, whereas porcelain veneer will require multiple visits
  • Porcelain Veneers are stinger and can last up to 15 years with good dental care
  • You may need to replace your composite veneers more often than porcelain veneers

At the end of the day, your dental needs will weigh which option is best for you.

At Kennedy Dental Cosmetics, our dentists are experts at a range of cosmetic dental procedures, including composite veneers. If you want composite veneers, get in touch with us today.