Porcelain Veneers

Are you tired of living with stained or discoloured teeth? Porcelain veneers are a fantastic solution to the problems which unattractive teeth can bring, providing a more attractive appearance rapidly. Made from porcelain, the veneers are amazingly strong at the same time as being very thin, which means that little preparatory work is required before they can be fitted. We are a highly experienced dental practice that specialises in porcelain veneers for many different types of patients.

Every patient that comes to us will enjoy a free consultation during their initial visit with us, where the proposed treatment plan is suggested and discussed. As part of the veneer process, we apply a trial veneer to each tooth that will be covered, giving you a clear idea of what the finished look will be. Once you’ve decided on the veneer colour that’s right for you, after tooth preparation, we will have your veneers custom-made, ready to be fitted.

We know that at times affording cosmetic treatment can be a challenge, which is why we offer the opportunity for patients to have eight veneers fitted for less than $7000. Designed to fit your exact tooth size and shape, once in place, veneers can be looked after in the same way as the rest of your natural teeth. If you want great looking teeth for less, it’s time to pay Kennedy Dental Cosmetics a visit.

    • Visit 1 – Initial Consultation
    • Visit 2 – Full Dental Assessment ( x-rays, bite assessment),
      Impressions for Casts & Photos
    • Visit 3 – Trial Smile, Preview of Finished Smile
    • Visit 4 – Tooth Preparation
    • Visit 5 – Fitting Of Veneers
    • Visit 6 – Review & Final Adjustment



Want to know more about the treatment process? Download our treatment brochure below: