Commitment and Philosophy


Ensuring Your Peace Of Mind

We recognise that our treatments impact our patients’ appearance, confidence and well-being, so we take our work—and our patients’ satisfaction—seriously. We allocate time for your questions and concerns during every consultation, and we always include a follow-up visit after a procedure to ensure you’re pleased with your results.


Giving You The Highest Quality Products

Dr. Kennedy uses only the highest quality dental products from the United States, Australia, and Switzerland in all their treatments, so you can be assured that the products have been thoroughly tested and deemed safe and effective.


Protecting Your Health And Safety

Our practice adheres to the high standards set forth by the Dental Board of Australia for quality assurance, non-invasive practices, ethics, infection control and safety. We also use the best technology available, including a high-tech digital x-ray system. Ultimately, this means you enjoy the best possible care.